What is Eduku?

Essentially, Eduku will be a self-funded, transparent and community guided charity (social enterprise) that uses 100% of profit from the sale of school services and supplies to realise its vision. By simply purchasing products and services that one will use anyway, schools, teachers and parents can not only support but actually be part of an organization that has the potential to change millions of lives.

Eduku will livestream, record and make publicly available all board meetings

Finances will be shown in real time with staff salaries being made viewable with one click

Owners / Shareholders will have total possible earnings capped to reasonable salaries

A “Crowd Seat” on our board of directors will allow the general public to participate in every executive decision we make

The “Academic Reserved Seat”, will allow student and staff leaders to participate in all board decisions while adding to their academic resumes

We will strive to responsibly decentralize ownership, ensuring that Eduku will be truly owned by the community it serves

Why Eduku?

Millions of children around the globe are forced to work instead of going to school. In a tragic twist of fate, many of these students find themselves working in factories that make clothing, uniforms and even school supplies for students in high-income countries. If we can enable these children to go to school by offering great products and services that schools will purchase anyway then...why not Eduku?


That’s the number of schools that could be built per year with just 10% of the money generated from wood-and-graphite pencil sales to international schools alone.


That’s the number of schools that could be built per year using only 1% of money primary teachers spend out of their own pockets buying classroom resources in the US alone.


That’s the number of girls who could be freed from factories and sent to school per year using only 0.1% of the money generated from back to school supplies for private school students in the US alone.

Sure. But How Can Eduku Realistically Grow?

We plan to start with high quality and competitively priced products and services that do not require huge investments to develop. Our first offerings will lean on our current team's strengths but also allow volunteers of varying skill sets to help support a young Eduku without having to be located in the same city as our office. From guest speaking engagements, staff training, lesson plans and children’s books, we can build a noteworthy and realistic starting catalog that will help us to gain a foothold in the market and financial stability.


Our starting point is The Ripples of Hope Campaign which will help us gain attention, raise start-up funds and demonstrate our social mission. 


After the campaign, Eduku’s first offerings will consist of guest speaking, staff training, conferences and beautifully designed classroom resources.


From a stable financial position we can begin to grow into more costly to develop products and platforms that are community designed and driven.