Frequently Asked Questions

This Page Last Updated on 03/08/2017

Can only teachers and students join the Eduku community?

No. We actively encourage anyone who takes an interest in Eduku to join our community.
Because we will use 100% of profit toward our philanthropic mission, we will not be able to compete against traditional businesses in raising capital investment. Despite this weakness, Eduku will have the ability to draw in volunteer efforts in ways for profit companies can’t.
We believe that the key to Eduku’s success will be an active and engaged community ready to make the world, or even just educational resources, better.

How do you know how many children lack access to education?

We use statistics shown on UNESCO’s website. They also provide links to a range of data collected from various 3rd parties.

Why do you think Eduku can be successful?

Our founders have backgrounds in entrepreneurship, International School management, public and private school teaching, marketing and design.

We know the exact needs and requirements school budget holders have and how to bring products and services to market.

Through initial offerings such as inspirational guest speaking, staff training, lesson plans and children’s books, we can build name recognition and bring financial stability to a young Eduku.

As Eduku builds credibility, we can work with schools and staff to develop a broader catalogue that will allow for responsible spending with a trusted name.

Due to our open finances, live streamed board meetings and crowd inclusion, schools will feel confident in the knowledge that the products and services we offer will be safe, fairly priced and created for their specific needs because, for those who wish to be, they will be actively involved in the decision making and development processes.

After all of that, it is a great feeling to know that 100% of the profit is being used to change lives.

How much does it cost to build a school?

Costs start around 12,500 USD and go up from there. It really depends on the area specific costs of labour, materials, transport, licensing etc..

What can I do to support Eduku?

There are many different things you can do support Eduku.

From becoming a host school down to sharing a social media post, there are many ways to be involved.

Please visit to learn immediate ways to take action.

Or, contact us if you have a specific way that you would like to help Eduku. Reach out and say hello at

How will members of the crowd board be able to participate in board meetings and cast votes, etc?

Eduku’s board will have 15 seats.

1 seat will be dedicated to the “Crowd” and 1 to the “Academic Reserved Seat”.

All board meetings will be recorded, placed online and then the general public “Crowd” and the select members of the Academic Reserve Seat will have 5 working days to watch the board meeting and vote yes or no on the issues presented.

The majority vote from each of the special seats will be counted as being equal to one board member vote.

Of course this will create some minor issues and there may be times when an emergency vote is needed so we will work with the community to better define the exact rules and methods while ensuring the public is given deeper and deeper access to the board of directors.